Cgep Projected

Lea Bank Energy Park

Emsrayne Renewable Energy Ltd are planning to submit a proposal to Central Bedfordshire to build a state of the art energy park at New Mill End. The facility will generate up to 49MW of power and heat for local homes and businesses as well as supplying the National Grid.

Getting the facts straight

The 'Stop the Harpenden Luton Incinerator' campaign group have published a list of so-called 'facts' on their website. We've brought all the SHLI 'facts' together, along with information about the details of the proposals.

Sustainable waste management

Lea Bank Energy Park offers a sustainable solution to waste disposal for the area, reducing landfill and pollution.

Affordable heat and energy for local homes and businesses

Lea Bank Energy Park will supply affordable energy to local homes, businesses and potential future developments.

A trust fund for the local community

Lea Bank Energy Park will establish a trust fund for the local community, offering £50k per year for 20 years to invest in local projects and services.

Local Jobs

Lea Bank Energy Park will create up to 400 jobs during the three-year construction phase and will require a team of 40 full time staff once the facility is active.

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