The Benefits

Lea Bank Energy Park offers many benefits to the local area and beyond. 

Green Energy

Creating energy from waste is a much more environmentally friendly way of both managing the waste and generating the energy. The process used at the Lea Bank Energy Park will generate energy without the land and air pollution that comes from landfill, with minimal emissions into the air.

Affordable Energy and Heat

It’s early days but the plan is that the Lea Bank Energy Park will supply energy and heat to local homes and businesses at a subsidised rate.

Waste Management

The UK is in desperate need for efficient methods of waste management. In 2016, the UK sent 16% of all its waste to landfill, not to mention the many shipments of waste which go to be processed overseas and often end up in landfill or ocean dumps. Using waste to generate energy is a much better solution, reducing landfill, saving government money on shipping costs and creating less demand for fossil-fuel derived energy.

Investing in the Local Community

Lea Bank Energy Park have committed to investing £50,000 per year for the next twenty years into a fund which can be used for local community projects and investment.


Lea Bank Energy Park will also provide employment opportunities during the construction phase as well as the ongoing running of the facility.