What is Refuse Derived Fuel?

Refuse derived fuel, or RDF, is a non-hazardous fuel stock which is produced from domestic and business waste. It includes biodegradable material as well as plastics and other non-recyclable waste products. 

Waste is delivered to RDF producing facilities where the non-combustible materials such as glass and metal are removed and sent for recycling or further processing. The remaining material is shredded and packaged for delivery to energy from waste plants just like the Lea Bank Energy Park.

DEFRA defines RDF as follows

"Refuse derived fuel (RDF) consists of residual waste that is subject to a contract with an end-user for use as a fuel in an energy from waste facility. The contract must include the end-user’s technical specifications relating as a minimum to the calorific value, the moisture content, the form and quantity of the RDF."