Does this mean lots of traffic?

There will be some traffic to and from the site, initially for building work and then for deliveries and collections once the facility is open. 

If the facility is processing waste at maximum capacity (500,000 tpa) it is expected that this will generate 132 HGV trips per working day, 264 movements of lorries in and out of the facility. Based on an even spread of arrivals and departures during this 11 hour day, this is approximately 24 arrivals or departures per hour. This equates to a traffic increase of just 1.88% on the B653, which currently sees 13,603 vehicles using it daily.

It is expected that the majority of deliveries will take place between 6am and 7pm and we are exploring time restrictions to maintain normal traffic flow at busier times. 

The location of the site allows traffic to travel from the M1 without passing any properties, residential or commercial so traffic impact on residents is minimal.